Come taste the fresh flavors of spring

We’re unveiling our new spring seasonal Pollinator Blend this Saturday, March 1st. Stop by the shop between 1-3 PM to sample the very first of this perennial favorite.

We’ll be tasting come rain or shine, snow, or sleet—just like the colorful seed catalogs that start to arrive this time of year, our Pollinator Blend has become a sign of the season here in the Twin Cities.

While strawberries, ripe melons, and roses may still be months away, this tasting will give you a hint of what’s to come, fortifying as a walk in the Como Park Conservatory on a cold day.





Caffeinate Your Cutie

Surprise your love, best pal or favorite teacher with a prepaid coffee drink in February. They’ve been good to you, now thank them with a delicious drink purchased in advance by you.

How does it work?
Purchase a coffee drink (or tea too) for your pal or cutie at the Wonderland Park front counter.

2) Write on the paper heart what the drink is, who it’s for & who it’s from. Optional: Include a love note/poem/haiku.

3) Leave your “Drink Heart” taped on the wall at the shop.

4) Let your cutie or pal know there’s a surprise waiting for them at Wonderland Park. Tell them as much or as little as you need to, to get them there.  Optional: Text, tweet, or instagram them a photo hint!

*Stop by now through Feb 21st to purchase a “drink heart” for your cutie or pal! All hearts will remain valid until redeemed!


Last Minute Handmade Gift Market 2013

Stop by on Dec. 14th for a Last Minute Handmade Gift Fair featuring a dozen unique local artists and crafters.

Go here for complete list of artisans: